Enhance your IBM Blueworks Live experience with Blueworks Insights

Seamlessly add reporting, visualizations, analytics, management, and more to your existing IBM Blueworks Live platform.

Do more with IBM Blueworks Live

The platform from IBM offers many powerful features and capabilities. However, there are also some limitations to the types of reports and visualizations it offers. This is why we have developed this useful add-on that plugs right into your existing Blueworks Live environment.

If you do not yet have access to the IBM platform, click here so schedule a 30-minute demonstration with one of our experts.

Reports and Analytics

Use included or custom reports to better understand your data.

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Manage Your Blueprints

Additional details and visualizations including SIPOC, RACI, and Value Streams.

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Risks and Controls

Leverage your Blueprints to apply new overlays for audit and compliance.

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Business Architecture

Align your diagrams to a process framework, capability map, and value chain.

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User Management

Provide better user managment, reporting, and organization of your users.

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Create automated notifications for stale Blueprints and inactive users.

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How Does it Work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can not find answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us or email us. We will respond very quickly!

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General Questions

Normally Blueworks Insights is a free value-add tool for our clients. Basically if Salient is working with you in some capacity, either renewing your IBM licenses or providing services, then there is no cost to the platform. If neither of these options are possible we can work with you to provide access for a small fee.

Blueworks Insights relies on direct access to IBM Blueworks Live for most of its data. As long as that user has access to IBM Blueworks Live they can log into Blueworks Insights as well.

Normally new features and updates are provided on a monthly basis. Additional customizations and features can be prioritized based on broader customer need or through small consulting engagements.

You sure can! Click here to register for a free trial and start getting more out of your IBM Blueworks Live investment.
Privacy & Security

Almost all of the information used in the reporting and visualization in Insights stays in IBM Blueworks Live and is pulled from that source as needed. The only time Blueworks Insights stores information is when there is no place for the IBM platform to persist it. Mainly this is for some of the information in Blueprint Scorecards and the Compliance module.

No. Blueworks Insights connects to the IBM platform using an OAuth authentication method which is a handshake between Insights and IBM but can be turned off at any time by your Blueworks Live administrator.

Blueworks Insights captures some minimal blinded information about the usage of the platform and some of the navigation. It is not tied to the user and does not store any personal information.

You can discontinue access at any time and we will remove any information associated with your account.

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